Let the picture speak

April 29, 2010

enter the dragon's lair

stood up, yes even married people get stood up

the best new place for a tea: The Mascot

Dandelion smile

this day I wore Luc's military school shoes and marched down to the coffee shop

there's EYES on this block

Alice Sweet Alice

Raymi knows about Weeping Willows

Sean Savage-Pete Seeger for the fuck generation

Wh@T! someone go over this stupid garage door


I more than made up for it

April 22, 2010

lotsof samey pics but the collage is working for me; hard to edit when you ought to be studying and you know it. Hard to study at all today. Gave a sigh and a resigned, but hopeful look to the oldest in a bunch of noisies at the library. He signaled them shortly afterward and they all got up and left! Was it a coincidence or did I use some power of persuasion there?

Had a lovely Americano run-through and a savory turn-over at Eddie’s new place, the name of which escapes me for the moment, but they’re having a grand opening soon, and every resident in this neighborhood and beyond could stop in for some next-level, top-notch coffee house style. Watched the St. Francis Table scene a bit from the picture window, and studied long enough to stay for a refreshing Hibiscus tea. Gonna try to replicate that recipe for O & A’s wedding favors.

Gotta go eat that pita pizza that just dinged in the toaster oven..broccoli florets, green pimento stuffed olives, green onion, tomato paste, olive oil, sea salt, white old cheddar cheese, pickled hot peppers and parmesan sprinkles. (not in that order) 15 minutes plus 5-10 to toast. Going to the boat tonight for a show. This is called using a reinforcer to reward target behaviour. And that target behaviour is studying until I reach my goal, (or close to it) otherwise I might short-circuit the contingency plan. Enough blogging…go study…Now! (this is called self-talk)

yesterday seems irrelevant now that today has happened

April 19, 2010

therefore mash them up. Everything mixes in your stomach anyway.

weekend no drinks

April 18, 2010

an education

April 7, 2010

today is the final

math is my friend; it’s my quizzical little buddy; it’s my game in life; it’s much better than Sudoku; Oh math, why did I hate you for so long? Please don’t hold that against me today.

my mantra for today is:

think smart be right don’t choke

montage of math related pictures. It’s been a journey alright.

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back in the smoke

April 6, 2010

swim in Canoe Lake, canoe in Eel Lake, got it?

mmmmmmmm…yeahhh… that’s the contented sound of me looking back over last weekend.

standout memories:

running around with River and Luker
canoeing into a hot wind
jumping into a cold lake.

Bright stars, singing frogs,
studying math in the forest.

Finding Coltsfoot flowers on the road
cooking gourmet meals and talking Fair Trade and South America with Bob and Nicole

Luker on the tractor with dangling cigarette,
then digging up some wild leeks and transplanting them in suburbia.

(This post is so post because yesterday I was recovering from my ridonkulous times with Raymes. )

It started with errands and getting on the TTC, then a night drive, and two full days of awesome.

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Chip Truck dream

April 1, 2010

The food looked reals good in my dream. Foil wrapped bean poutine. I wrecked the truck a bit accidentally as I ordered and stuff. The old man and his wife, on the grill duty were nice enough and did not get mad at me. The old man asked me where I worked on account of me missing the lunch rush.

Where does this chip truck exist? How can I have been so close to a bite of that delicious food only to wake up, hungry with only toast and butter to eat?

being a student means I might snack on these

being a student means I might snack on these

Mean dreams put something you want in your grasp but never let you take a bite.

Lumberjack season

April 1, 2010

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It has been a fabulous few days. Last night: Styrofoam Ones video shoot, and Little Dragon, drinking Jamesons on the tour bus, listening to Eritrian music with the bearded ones. We talked about maple syrup. Erik pronounced it sigh-rup. Apparently they can grow maples and even have them in places like Sweden and England, but there are no real Lumberjacks that can tap the sap.

I’m blogging I’m blogging!!!

March 31, 2010

Yeesh! i’m blogging already. It started when my superstar blogger roomate gave me her old camera phone. It’s a warhorse Nokia that I’ve taken 300+ pics on since February. Never did it complain about memory. What a good little phone. I never realized what a narcissist I could be until I got my hands on this handy little snapper.